Maintenance and Building

Craftsman services

We can offer our customers most construction and renovation services, all in SPANISH prices with qualified professionals.

-Painting and decorating


-Electrical services

-Alarm systems

-Installation and maintenance of air conditioning and heating

-Installation of security bars for doors and windows

-Installation of the mosquito nets for doors and window

-Landscaping services and maintenance of the garden

-Swimming pool inspection and maintenance

-High pressure cleaning of outdoor areas and walls

-General repairs

-New addition, annex

-Glass and aluminium-construction of conservatories and glazed terraces

-Kitchen renewal-spray paint of the kitchen doors


-Window cleaning

-Air vents for better indoor air

-Water filters

-Wooden floors

-Tiling inside and outside

All the above work will be licensed and guaranteed by Hiltek Properties S.L. After more than 10 years in the industry we use only professionals we can trust and guarantee.

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